So in this tough economic time, I am often asked to do projects at either a greatly reduced rate, or for “the exposure”. While this might seem like a good thing to do to keep your work in the spotlight, or to bring in some money, it is more likely to devalue your services and makes getting what you are worth harder to achieve. There have been numerous articles, comics and other posts on this subject over the past few years, including this one from the Oatmeal.

Oatmeal Exposure cartoon

See original here


For a good read on the subject, check out this story on the Salon website written by Scott Timberg referencing a situation between actor Wil Wheaton and The Huffington Post last year.

Read story here

Here is yet another example from Columbian Journalism Review, read here

Or just google, creative dying from exposure.

And just remember, do you ask your plumber, electrician or carpenter to do it for exposure? Do you offer substandard pay to your doctor or lawyer for their services? I think not, so why would you ask a creative professional whose task is to build your brand or create for you their art to do so?

Food for thought.